So excited to rock this summery mani on an island getaway to Punta Cana tomorrow! I’m still loving the Gelish ‘All About the Glow’ collection and this one looks killer under the light.

Colors used:

'Make you Blink Pink', 'I'm Brighter than You', 'Sheek White'

We're do u work ?

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I work in digital advertising actually, nail art is just my hobby so unfortunately I don’t take appointments… maybe some day!

Fun new mani using Gelish Mini’s ‘All About the Glow’ collection. They look sooo cool under the light! Can’t wait to show these off at a party; I’ll try to plan a black light-centric weekend…

Colors used:

·         Sometimes A Girl’s Gotta Glow: Brilliant lime green

·         Radiance Is My Middle Name: Vibrant teal

·         Brights Have More Fun: Hot pink

·         Make You Blink Pink: Light pink

·         I’m Brighter Than You: Vivid coral

You can get Gelish Mini at Sally Beauty Supply :D

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Hello Kelsey! I am inlove with your mermaid mani! I was just wondering if you could explain how you did it! I would love to try it out myself! Also where did you get all your gold studs and jewels? They're so unique!

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Thanks! For this mani I did a regular gradient, then on top of that I blotched some iridescent color on top and while it was still tacky I pressed some fishnet fabric onto it, pretty simple! I get my studs and jewels from all over the place, but mostly,, and 

Hello again! I would just like to ask how you did the stone looking texture for the pastel studs and stones mani! I adore it too! Thanks again

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Hi there! For this mani I used foil to create the stone texture. I get my foil at and for this I used one layer of Jade and one layer of regular Gold foil. Press it in random patterns to get the speckled look :D