Loving Gelish’s fall collection ‘Under Her Spell’. Here’s my first mani with this set; I used ‘My Nightly Craving’ as a base with a reverse french moon in ‘Love Me Like a Vamp’. Topped off with rose gold foil and a matte top coat. I really wish the photos did justice to how the foil combined with matte top coat made the colors pop! 

I was so thrilled to receive Deborah Lippmann’s @deborahlippmann new ‘Jewel Heist’ collection and to meet her at the Kate Spade and Badgley Mischka shows during Fashion Week! I decided to do a colorblock mani with gold striping tape and studs to show off the gorgeous deep jewel tones and multifaceted glitter in this collection.

You've probably been asked this thousands of times, but - are your own nails gel, acrylic, or natural? I'm thinking about getting gels but am worried they'll damage my natural nail.

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No worries! I have a hard gel overlay over my natural nails. I love them for how strong and natural-looking they are, but I would not recommend getting them if you’re considering taking them off soon; it’s really something you need to commit to keeping up. If you’re just looking to maintain a little length and add strength to the nail, you might want to stick with gel polish, but if you want some serious, rock-hard claws and can get them filled every 2-4 weeks, definitely go for the hard gel!